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College and school management software that Automate Institute Daily Operations, Generate Insightful Reports, Make Better & Faster Decisions. Campus Connect is an online school management system software that simplifies the institute’s academic & administrative process effortlessly.

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Top Features of Campus Connect Erp-School Management Software

Online Admission

Routine admission process becomes smoother, faster and seamless with the online admission module of Campus Connect ERP – School management softwar.

Academic Management

This is cool module of our school management software boasts of features like course/batch, subjects, timetable, attendance, examination and lesson-planner.

Student Information Management

Manage the data of thousands of students of your educational institution easily with Campus Connect ERP- School ERP software’s student information management module.

Employee Management

Redefine employee management with CampusConnecterp School ERP software’s employee management module which has features such as managing staff details, teacher substitution, etc.

Fee Management

Get better financial insights and manage different fee categories in an efficient way with CampusConnectERP School management software’s fee management module.


Ensure a transparent, quick and instant communication system within the educational institution using CampusConnectERP School management software’s communication module.

Online Class

With Campus Connect-School ERP software’s Virtual Class, you can easily conduct online classes for the purpose of ensuring real-time engagement of all students and teachers.

Online Exam

With Campus Connect-School ERP software’s live streaming feature, you can easily conduct online classes for the purpose of ensuring real-time engagement of all students and teachers.

Benefits of Campus Connect ERP-School Management Software

Want to know why you should go for our school management software from among others in the market? Take a quick look at the benefits that our school software offers for your educational institution.

Benefits to management

Campus Connect ERP-School management software helps educational institutions to improve operational efficiency, reduce overall cost and provide the school management, teachers, students and parents with the right information at the right time. Some of the benefits of our ERP software for schools include

  • Saving time and money in the long run
  • Eliminating the use of paper
  • Reduction in employee working hours
  • Conducting online meetings

Benefits to teachers

Campus Connect-School management software provides some amazing modules which enable teachers to focus lesser on routine administrative tasks and more on devising methods for providing quality education to students. These modules which can assist teachers include

  • Lesson planner
  • Reporting system
  • Attendance management
  • Examination management
  • Feedback management via communication module

Benefits to parents and students

Campus Connect-School ERP software allows parents and students to be in touch with teachers and the school management anytime, which helps them in moving towards a more transparent, secure and reliable form of education. Below given are the ways in which our school ERP software can provide benefits to students and parents

  • Tracking the child’s progress
  • Instant communication facility
  • Timely updates of news, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Getting details of school events and holiday list
  • Online submission of assignments and homework

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What is CampusConnectERP?

CampusConnectERP is an all-in-one school management system, which can be used to manage administrative and academic activities such as online admission management, fees, employees payroll, examination, grade book, bulk data management, transportation, library, course and batches, student attendance, assignments, communication and much more.

How is CampusConnectERP different from other school management software?
Campus Connect is a user-friendly and web-based school management system, also provide customization and unlimited user license at an affordable price.
How will my institution benefit from using school management software?

CampusConnectERP -School management software (also known as CampusConnectERP – schoolManagement software) comes with immense benefits, which will surely be seen by your educational institution in the long run. Your institution can save money, time and effort by going completely digital with our

How much CampusConnectERP cost? Any hidden fees which I should know about it?

Our pricing plan divided into three parts. Go to our pricing page to know more. Apart from that, you will have to pay one time fees for Mobile app and Biometric. Other recurring payments may be in the form of SMS fees for those who go for it.

Is CampusConnectERP School management software only for schools or can it be used by all types of educational institutions?

Any type of educational institution like schools, colleges and universities can make use of CampusConnectERP School management software for improving their overall operational efficiency.