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Manage Most Important Institute Operations at Your Fingertips Campus Connect ERP School Management App is a one-stop solution that streamlines the institute day to day functionalities and reduces the communication gap among all the stakeholders. Try a free demo of the Campus Connect ERP mobile app today! 

Quick Description of CampusConnectERP School Management App

CampusConnectERP School Management App is the best mobile app solution for schools and colleges. It consists of amazing features such as attendance tracking, conduct online examinations, visitor management, timetable monitoring, all can be managed just in a single click. School admin can easily collect fees and track fee defaulters from anywhere at any time. Additionally, institutes can customize the app pages and track various school-related activities on their mobile devices.

In a nutshell, CampusConnectERP School Management App is a one-stop solution that streamlines the institute day to day functionalities and reduces the communication gap among all the stakeholders.

Online Exam Management

Students can easily attend the online exam, test series & mock test from their mobile devices.

Once the examination is scheduled, students will receive an instant notification and at the scheduled time student can appear for the test from their mobile/tablet devices.

Attendance Management

Track and mark students’ attendance in no time. Employees can request leave directly from their mobile.

View Student profile & Batch details – Student List, Batch Timetable, Batch Attendance Overview

Communication Among Teacher, Student And Parents

Send messages to students and parents, pay fees, take attendance, request leave directly from your mobile.

With the all-in-one messaging platform within the app, you can create a ‘WhatsApp’ for your institution with more control on the message delivery and response process.

Online Assignment Management

Create the assignment and distribute it to the whole class or a group of particular students.

Students can submit answers also view pending and submitted assignments, submission details, and marks obtained in each assignment.



Online Fees Management

Simplify Online Fees Management 

The fees section is the most important part in a School Management ERP.  Online fees payment would be a real icing on the cake when using the school’s very own app. So we have accommodated this use case too, by providing a payment option for the Parents in the app Itself.

Events And Gradebook Marks Entry

Users (employees) can enter marks/grades for the exams they have access to from the app. Check the mark submission status for the exam, also after entering the marks the employees can instantly view the result.


Benefits of CampusConnectERP-School Mobile Application

Benefit to Student


Students can be in touch with the school management as well as the teacher and they can easily be informed, all the academic and the non-academic information from their respective schools through the CampusConnectERP-School mobile app. Being engaged with the teachers through the CampusConnectERP -School mobile app helps the teachers to accelerate the students’ academic performances.

  • My classmates and My teachers.
  • View assignment and homework .
  • Know school event and other activities .
  • Submit assignment as well as homework online.
  • Upload and store the important documents on the system
  • Online Fees Payment
  • Can give online exam
  • Attend online Class
  • Communicate with subject Teachers
  • Can view their marksheet and download

Benefit to Parents

The Campus ConnectERP-School mobile app not only keeps the students but also the parents in touch with the teacher as well as the school management in order to makes them aware of their son/daughter’s performance in both, the academic and the non-academic activities. The CampusConnectERP School mobile app also sends information to parents such as paying tuition fee and attending the parent-teacher meeting in advance.

  • Get latest news & updates.
  • Discuss directly with the teacher.
  • View the upcoming events & activities.
  • Know child’s behaviour & activity in the school.
  • Check daily attendance status of your son/daughter.
  • Pay Online Fees
  • View the report card of student.

Benefit to Teachers

The CampusConnectERP School mobile app is an effective mobile application system which makes the job facile for teachers as they can dispose of all their duties such as giving homework and communicate with the parents as well as the school management fruitfully.

  • Can send a circular instantly.
  • Saves time for one to one parent meeting.
  • Makes lesson and syllabus planning management easier.
  • Provides a fine timetable as well as attendance management system.
  • Apply for leave
  • Can enter marks in gradebook.
  • Communicate with parents and management.
  • View His/Her timetable.


“This campus connect mobile App is really Good, Online exam, Online Class, Fees, etc. I gave 5 stars to  this app. ”

“Such a good app for my institute now we can use all whats app feature with our campus app, 5 star from my side”

“Nice app Now i can pay fee without going to school as well as i got all the school details and  activities/news. thanks for provide this mobile app i can track activity of my son ”

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